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Robert Simmons, Ph.D. is a clinical psychologist with post-graduate training in advanced psychotherapy. He has been in private practice in Alexandria for over twenty five years. In addition to his clinical interests, the training of other psychologists has always been important to him. Dr. Simmons has been director of psychology internship and postdoctoral training programs and chief psychologist at a  nearby community mental health center. He has a special interest in helping people with depression, anxiety, relationship and sexual problems.

Modes of treatment include both individual and couples psychotherapy.


Dr. Simmons believes that every individual brings individual strengths and unique life histories to bear on their current situation.  These experiences need to be appreciated and understood within the emotional safety and confidentiality of a therapeutic relationship.  Only then can psychotherapy best address and resolve both the current emotional distress and the life patterns that often contribute to this distress.

A member of the American Psychological Association, Dr. Simmons is also a member of the Virginia Psychological Association, the Virginia Academy of Clinical Psychologists and the Northern Virginia Society of Clinical Psychologists.  He has been interviewed by The Washington Post, Newsweek, USA Today and Redbook on the subject of depression, self-esteem, mid-life crisis and other topics.

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